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BUNDLE: The Disciplined Trader Framework 50% OFF

BUNDLE: The Disciplined Trader Framework 50% OFF

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Get all our Trainings & Trading Drills 50%OFF


Squat | Deadlift | Bench Press


Backtest | Build a Trading Plan | Make a plan to constantly Grow

Unlock Trading Mastery with The Disciplined Trader Framework

Special offer: Get 2 courses - 2 ebooks - 2 exercise templates for less than your average lunch

Build solid foundations for more discipline, certainty, and control over your trading with this interactive framework.

What's inside?

  • 2 Video Courses (2+ hours of power-packed content):
  • 1 Comprehensive E-book
  • 2 Fillable Exercise Templates: Put your knowledge into action and track your progress towards trading mastery.

Training 1 - The Backtesting guide: Learn how to efficiently backtest the market with our easy to implement protocol.

Contains 1 ebook and 1 log template.

Training 2: The Trading Plan Masterclass:Our unique 9 step framework to build a professional grade trading plan. Contains 1 video course, 1 ebook, 1 exercise template.

Course Modules: 

  • Know Yourself
  • Trading Goals
  • Pick Your Allies (Markets & Instruments)
  • Pre Trading Routine
  • Risk Management
  • Money Management
  • Strategy & Setups
  • After Market Closes
  • Discipline

Training 3: The Trader Profile Course: Unlock your unique "trader persona" with neuroscience-based exercises. Identify strengths & weaknesses and build a personalized roadmap to growth.

Contains 1 video course, 1 exercise template.

Course Modules: 

  • The 5 Pillars of Trading
  • Self Assessment Exercise
  • Introspective - Self Analysis
  • Build Your Improvement Plan
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  • Learn how to backtest efficiently 📑

  • Build a professional grade trading plan 🫡

  • Tackle your weaknesses and plan your growth 🎯

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