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4x Trading Journal

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Product Description

The 4x Trading Journal 2.0 is a premium-quality tool designed specifically for traders looking to improve their performance and achieve greater consistency.

This journal is based on cutting-edge neuroscience protocols and is designed to help traders track their progress, analyze their performance, and identify areas for improvement with greater efficiency and accuracy. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned trader, this journal will provide structure to your trading process, encouraging data-driven decisions while fostering a disciplined trading habit.


Guided Trading Plan Section: Create a bulletproof trading strategy with our detailed guide. This section assists you in building a robust plan, setting the groundwork for your trading success.

Five Setups Sections: Define and review your best trading setups. Includes checklists for trade analysis, execution, and management, ensuring you're fully prepared to take on the market.

150 Single Trade Pages: Detailed pages to track every aspect of your trades. Document your analysis, mindset, performance, and improvement plans, building a comprehensive record of your trading journey.

12 Weekly Review Sections: These sections enable you to analyze your progress and identify actionable steps for improvement, promoting continual growth and learning.

Vegan Leather Cover and 100mg paper for superior quality. 


Enhanced Organization: Stay on top of your trades, keep your strategies handy, and ensure you're always ready to seize trading opportunities.

Improved Consistency: Tracking your trades and conducting regular reviews promotes consistency in your trading habits and decision-making process.

Effective Risk Management: By noting down and reviewing your trades, you'll be able to better understand your risk patterns and optimize your strategies accordingly.

Controlled Emotional Trading: The act of physically logging trades can create a sense of detachment, helping you make less impulsive, emotion-driven decisions.

Valuable Insights: Over time, your logged trades will offer valuable insights into your trading habits, helping you identify what works and what doesn’t, and guiding your strategy optimization.

Bonus Gifts: With your purchase, you'll also receive a comprehensive Trading Plan eBook and a 4X Trader Benchmark PDF to boost your trading journey.

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