Weekly Review

Once the week is over, it's time to analyze what happened and really dive deep into your feelings and actions. The weekly review is fundamental to help you understand how to improve your trading. 


Fill the boxes with: Number of trades taken, Wins, Losses, Win Rate (calculate the percentage of wins against losses), Equity, PNL, Profitable days, Average Risk Reward Ratio (calculate an average of the RR ratio for each trade taken during the week). The last two boxes are left empty, this way you can be free to choose which metric to track. You could for instance track what is your best asset for the week, or how many pips have you gained. 

Weekly Reflection:

Start from the mistakes. What did you do wrong during the week? 

Now fill out the second paragraph: Improvements. Where did you improved compared to last week. Also, what are the things you need to improve next week? Look at each trade taken, in the last section you have Errors and Improvements. This is where you make a summary of each trade and look for patterns. 

Really take your time here to meditate on what happened during the week. Start with describing how did you manage your Emotions & Psychology. Did you FOMO or closed trades too early? This are all mistakes related to lack of confidence for instance!

Trade Management: what happened while you were in the trade? Make a list of the things you need to work on. 

Trading Plan & Checklist: is there something you can improve on it? Are you for instance trying a new indicator that is helping you? Or did you find a new pattern in the market that can be added to your checklist? 

Over the next week I will:

Lastly, think about the actions you are going to take next week and what are you going to stop. 

Refer to the image to find inspiration! 
forex trading journal