For each trade you execute, fill out a Trade page. 

Insert the Pair, the Direction of the trade, your Position Size, Risk Reward Ratio, TradingView link (take a screenshot from your trading view and copy the end part of the link), Result of the trade, Pip/Points gain or loss, Equity $, PNL (calculated as the percentage of equity compared to the account size. Check this link  to calculate it easily), Trade Rate (give a vote to your trade once it's closed). 

Mindset Check:
Rate how are you feeling before trading today. Try to be aware of your sleep, your stress level, or if something happened in your life that could affect your trading. This section is crucial for the weekly and monthly review, because you will find out patterns between your performances in trading and your wellness. 

Trade Breakdown:
-First of all, describewhy did you enter the trade. What was your analysis? Did you followed your plan? How many points of the checklist were confirmed by the trade? 
-Second, describe how did you managed the trade. How did the market reacted from your entry? What actions have you taken and why? 

Errors and Opportunities:
Write down a list of your errors and where you have to improve. This section is crucial for your weekly and monthly review.