The Story

The story

The 4x Journal was born out of a personal need. You see, when I started trading I was not very good at studying my trades on Excel spreadsheets, or through a software that did everything for me. I needed a tool to help me, a system that could make the process of journaling trades intimate, structured and easy.

For years I've researched best practices in trading journals, hoping I could find a formula that would make it enjoyable. All those apps and software did not work for me, neither my notebooks were, since I didn't have a structure in it that would keep me focused and that would help me in the process of reviewing. That was it, I gave up looking for it and decided to create it. Create a product that would have an highly structured methodology for journaling my trades on paper. The 4x Trading Journal was born.

It worked for me, now I hope it works for you.