How to use the 4X Tracker

How to use the 4X Tracker

The 4X Daily Notepad is your ultimate companion for mindful trading. It's designed to help you maintain an optimal mental state throughout your trading day and offer brief yet insightful evaluations of your trading activity. Here's how to use it:

Step 1: Before Trading Begin your day by taking a minute to reflect on your mental state. It's crucial to identify if you are in the right condition to trade. Evaluate your energy level, quality of sleep, overall health, and your pre-market routine. Outline your plan for the day and jot down any considerations or anticipations about the market.

Step 2: During Trading While engaging in trading, use the notepad to record any significant feelings, emotions, or recurring thoughts. This practice helps you understand patterns and discover more about your trading behavior. For instance, if you find yourself feeling irritable and fearful, it might reflect in your trading decisions, leading to impulsive trades and susceptibility to FOMO.

You can also take notes about your setups or about the market in general. This record-keeping practice will support your post-trading reflection, especially when journaling your trades using the 4X Trading Journal.

Step 3: After Trading Describe your trading day and note any lessons learned and future adjustments. This practice helps you consolidate your experiences, identify any patterns, and prepare for the next trading session.


Best Practices Consistent use of the 4X Daily Notepad fosters self-awareness and reinforces mindful habits in trading. Remember, your journey towards being a disciplined and successful trader starts with understanding and managing your mental state. The 4X Daily Notepad is here to help you do just that, every trading day.

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