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How to Use 4x Trading Log

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The 4x Trading Log is a tool for traders to easily import and analyze performance data, providing valuable insights on trade analytics, statistics, strategy patterns, and profitability.
The 4xx Trading Log it's divided into four main sections:

  1. First step to use the 4x trading log is insert trading account info. In this section, you can insert and describe your setups, and enter screenshots for long and short entry.
  2. In the Trade DB section, you can insert detailed information about each trade you take, such as, Market, Symbol, Direction, Date, Time, Day, Contract size, Result, Pips or Points, Equity gain or loss, Balance, Trade rate and PNL. The Day, Equity, and PNL are automatically calculated, you just have to drag the cell down to populate the field.
  3. The performance KPI section includes all the information you need to understand your performances, your daily actions and setups. It’s divided into account, trades and daily statistics. Everything is automatically calculated.
  4. The dashboard contains charts to better understand your best trades, your tendencies and habits.

    Watch this short video tutorial to understand how to use the 4X Trading Log on Google Sheet